Half a Chance

by Trance

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archive recordings from 1980-82 taken from Spaceward Studios cassette dubs - quarter inch masters no longer available.


released March 17, 2016

music and lyrics © Alan Ayre (Allan Greenwoood)
published by Silent Pocket
Time Devours / Stranded in the City first released on 7" single in 1980 by Silent Pocket Records and distributed nationwide by Rough Trade
Album Cover artwork Robert Clark
photography Barry Hale



all rights reserved


Occupied Silence Northampton, UK

Threshold Studios' Occupied Silence project presents work by artists drawn to the sculptural and psychological properties of sound.

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Track Name: No Looking Back
throwing away all your well-kept secrets, all your hidden truths - what did they mean to me.
And you're turing away, a world weathered look in your eyes - did you ever realise some day you're gonna need it?
There's no looking back.

could you try to ask me to understand, maybe to lend a hand to the situation? But now that it's clear you're really out on your own don't you want to come on home or stay away?

No looking back you'll find to get some peace of mind and nothing you can erase, the things you've done you've got to face.

And when you wake to make your way through the day you'll realise your life's just a play. Your mind stops to think but there's no thoughts in your head - sometimes you wish you were dead - sometimes living.
But there's no looking back now.
Track Name: Time Devours
I sit there waiting just watching the clock whose fingers are stuck to its face on the wall. The agony drags out its empty hours as this thing ticks away some more of your life.

Time devours the day before you and feeds from the hand that once employed you. Time devours with no meaning and you're reaching for that endless feeling,

but you bury your faces inside your hands (you're making plans) rubbing the sleep from your travel-torn eyes (you realise) another day now is over and gone (you carry on) the evening awaits you - it's your time to kill
Track Name: Stranded in the City
stranded in the city, caught up in the sun. This day's hardly begun leaning on the walls. it's time to make my way, living from day to day, but your faces are just a blur. In the city I've seen people rushing past me and I'm just part of the crowd - just thinking out loud

Stranded in the city I'm trying to quench my thirst, my eyes are filled with her, watching the darkness crawl. The neon hits my face, I'm moving from place to place 'til I'm back in my bed again. In the city I've seen people rushing past me and I'm just part of the crowd - just thinking out loud -

do you hear me?
Track Name: Amnesia
Silence is deafening me when I'm miles away from seeing you - I've travelled all this way but I can't remember leaving the room. I feel the distance surround me my eyes are weighted down with sleep; a person without dreams with these appointments that I must keep

Impatience surrounds me like a room without a door - your best friends are your enemies they leave you clinging to their pores their jealousy cuts like laughter, you're wandering and still in doubt - car lights are on the ceiling; we knew each other's bodies inside out

but now that I've found you there's no letting go
Track Name: Instincts
Nights filled with restlessness, nights force through day
alive in your confidence

hiding behind words, hiding in the dark, making conversations

making up your mind, making up your eyes, falling into silence

lying awake, lying to escape, walking hand in hand
doing what's natural
Track Name: Half a Chance (live at the Roadmender '81)
Empty conversations litter the day
outside your ideas are fenced in
walking empty handed
sideways glancing
you were closing the door was closing itself on you again

If you were given half a chance, you'd betray it